Employee Spotlight:
Lauren Bratland, Data Specialist

Employee Spotlight: Lauren Bratland, Data Specialist

Healthy Minds’ Employee Spotlight articles feature dedicated team members doing amazing work to make mental health care better for everyone in Las Vegas and Southern Nevada.

Introducing Lauren Bratland, Data Specialist at Healthy Minds

Name: Lauren Bratland

Hometown: Born in Winchester England, but have also lived in Thousand Oaks, CA and Raleigh, NC

Position with HM: Data Specialist

Education and Degrees: I have a Bachelors of Science in Physics and a Minor in Math from UNCG

Trivia (what funny, odd, or interesting thing don’t people know about you?): A super random thing that I can do is juggle. My mom taught me when I was probably 5 or 6, then when I was in college, one of my friends was actually in a juggling club so he taught me a few cool tricks.

Hobbies: I don’t know if this is really a hobby but my husband and I love going to movies. We probably went to 40-50 movies in the theater last year. And we buy a lot of movies too. We have the entire Marvel series on Blu-Ray.

Lauren Bratland and her husband enjoying a UNLV football game.

Lauren and her husband enjoying a UNLV football game.

Favorite things to do in Vegas: The Bellagio is my favorite place in Vegas – it’s where my husband and I got engaged! We go to the conservatory almost every season!

Lauren Bratland wedding proposal

Most rewarding experience or thing you like most about working at Healthy Minds: I love getting to use my data-oriented brain and still feel like I’m part of a team that’s really doing something positive here in the city. Even though I’m data-oriented, I still love getting to participate in outreach events.

There’s one instance I’ll never forget –  I was playing a game with a kid at a back-to-school event, and she was laughing and having fun. When I got up and looked at the grandmother (who was the foster parent), she had tears in her eyes and said to me, “I haven’t seen her smile like that in so long. Thank you.” It was a really powerful moment and something that has really stuck with me.

Lauren Bratland wedding day

Speaking of smiling, here’s a picture from Lauren’s wedding day.

Thanks, Lauren, for all of your work helping Healthy Minds measure and improve patient outcomes!

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