Which 2020 changes will be here in 2021? Interview with Dr. Lisa Durette…

Healthy Minds’ Medical Director, Dr. Lisa Durette, was recently interviewed by KTNV Channel 13 (ABC Las Vegas) about some of the societal changes that took place during 2020 that we can expect to stay with us in 2021 and beyond. Some of these changes have been and continue to be sources of severe stress, anxiety, and even mental health issues.

However, it’s not all bad news! As Dr. Durette says, thanks to new technologies, “We have had an unprecedented opening of the doors to mental health access to care for nearly everyone; telemedicine, telehealth, teletherapy has exploded.”

Ultimately, we can all do our part to help ourselves and each other come out of the other side of the pandemic better off, not worse. “Nobody’s experiencing 2020 alone. We’re all together in this. So as a society, we can lean on one another to rebuild that resiliency and move forward in a positive fashion,” says Durette.

Read the interview summary or watch the full interview here on KTNV’s website.

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