Healthy Minds' & Milan Institute's
Mental Health Externship Program

Partnering with Milan Institute to train the next generation of Las Vegas mental health care workers

Many people don’t realize that Nevada currently ranks 50th in state health care rankings. This is a huge and complex problem, but one that must be solved.

At Healthy Minds, we’re actively creating solutions to make health care better for all citizens of Las Vegas and southern Nevada.

Addressing the problems in Las Vegas’s mental health care system

Historically, one big part of the problem has been inadequate or non-existent training opportunities for future health care workers in the state.

To help address this problem in the area of mental health care, Healthy Minds now offers robust in-house training programs in the following areas:

  • psychological internships,
  • UNLV therapy internships, and
  • psychiatric fellowships.

As part of our mental health care training and education programs, we’re proud to announce that we’re now placing Milan Institute externs!

Once Milan Institute’s students go through their required training at the school, they’ll have the opportunity to spend one month getting hands-on experience and training in their field with the Healthy Minds team.

Our first Milan Institute extern is currently working with us, and we hope to take on at least one new extern per month to help train the next generation of mental health care professionals in Las Vegas and southern Nevada.

Program Leaders  

Every problem has a solution, but not every solution has leaders willing to take on the challenge.

In addition to thanking our partners at Milan Institute, we’d like to offer a special thank you to the Healthy Minds’ team members who not only recognized this opportunity, but also took ownership of the program.

So, thanks to Healthy Minds’ team members Corinne Harris and Sid Khurana for spearheading this program.   

About Corinne Harris

Corinne Harris in her office at Healthy Minds.

Corinne Harris in her office at Healthy Minds.

You can read about Sid Khurana’s remarkable story here. Since we haven’t yet featured Corinne’s story, we’d like to tell you a bit more about her…

Corinne is unique in nearly every regard. First, she’s one of the few people on the Healthy Minds’ team who was born and raised in Las Vegas.

She went through Kaplan College’s (now known as Brightwood College) medical assistant program. In 2016, she became a Medical Assistant at Healthy Minds.

Due to her dedication, talents, and problem-solving abilities, she immediately stood out. In 2018, Corinne was promoted to our Lead Medical Assistant position.

Noticing that Milan Institute had a campus close to Healthy Minds’ Tonopah office location, Corinne suggested that Healthy Minds partner with them to help train students in their medical assistant, nursing, and other related programs.

We listened. Today, in addition to her other responsibilities, Corinne is in charge of interviewing potential MI externs and on-boarding them as they get started at Healthy Minds.

Why extern with Healthy Minds? 

Asked why she thinks MI students should consider an externship with Healthy Minds, Corinne says,

“If they’re interested in working in the mental health industry, this is a great place to start. You’ll learn an amazing amount here from a unique, multidisciplinary team. We don’t just have a single type of specialist. You’ll get to work with and learn from doctors, psychiatrists, and therapists who all work in the same building. That’s a very unique experience that you can take forward with you throughout your career — and who knows, maybe your career will start right here at Healthy Minds!” 

If you’re a Milan Institute student interested in Healthy Minds’ extern program, please contact Toniika Wakefield at Milan Institute to get started.

Nori Mitchell (smile!), extern from Milan Institute, is enjoying hands-on learning in the mental health field through her externship at Healthy Minds. Mental health care, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nori Mitchell (smile!), extern from Milan Institute, is enjoying hands-on learning in the mental health field through her externship at Healthy Minds.

We’re proud of team members like Corinne Harris for their work helping to improve mental health care in Nevada, and we’re proud to be working with organizations like Milan Institute to make it happen!

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