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Healthy Minds Outcomes

Healthy Minds’ Outcomes

The best data tells the simplest story. That story starts with clear and objective outcomes.

When everyone is collecting the same outcomes with the same interpretation of the data, it is simple to see if our patient’s well-being is improving. That’s why we chose to focus on four easy-to-understand outcomes, each one speaking to quality improvements in a child’s life:


placement disruptions

Are children experiencing stability in their placement?



How often is a child sent to an inpatient psychiatric hospitalization?



How many psychotropic medications was a child prescribed? Are their medications suitable to their diagnoses?


county case closures

Are the children reaching the goal of reunification with their parents or adoptions into new families?

The Reporting Process

Every step of our outcome reporting process, from data collection to our final reports, exemplifies accountability and objectivity.

Following a clearly outlined methods protocol, our team collects outcome data from independent and easily-verifiable sources. This data is then sent to a respected member of the local university research community for uncompromising analysis and unbiased reporting. Finally, these outcome reports are sent to our local county and state agencies and the results displayed here on our site for public view.

Healthy Minds' Outcomes

Below you will find our three most recent outcomes along with a quick explanation of the sample, timeframe, and definitions that went into measuring them.

The Studies & Results

Quarterly Outcome Report: 2017, 4th Quarter

An independent UNLV Researcher recently analyzed and drafted a new set of outcomes from the 4th Quarter of 2017. This report includes data from 699 children, all of which have been in Healthy Minds treatment for at least 3 months at some point between October 2012 through December 2017 and had at least 3 months of exposure to the foster-care system before entering Healthy Minds’ care. We continue to significantly reduce patients’ placement disruptions and psychiatric hospitalizations. Furthermore, with our treatment approach, patients entering our care with previous prescriptions reduced their need for psychotropic medications.

Reduction In Placement Disruptions
Reduction In Hospitalizations
Reduction In Medications

Quarterly Outcome Report
2017, 4th Quarter

Quarterly Outcome Report
2016, 2nd Quarter

Incentive App

9 Month Pilot Report

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Healthy Minds’ Outcomes: A Success Story

Due to the nature of our work, the clients we work with usually have similarly grim starting points. One patient in particular was experiencing multiple placement disruptions, more than 10 across 5 years. Moving from one foster home to another without continuous care made her symptoms worse and led doctors to prescribe multiple medications for serious, life-long mental diagnoses, like Major Depressive Disorder and Reactive Attachment Disorder. Doctors had tried prescribing her with 5 different medications, but symptoms only worsened, resulting in an emergency psychiatric hospitalization. She left the hospital with two serious medications: an antipsychotic and antidepressant. That’s when Healthy Minds was asked to step in.

Once in our care, our therapists and psychiatrists worked closely together to get an immediate decrease in medication to only one anti-anxiety prescription and then to zero medications just a couple of months later. With proper treatment, her symptoms lessened revealing more appropriate and manageable mental health diagnoses. She has been without medications for more than 8 months now, and since entering our care, has not needed to be hospitalized. Monthly meetings of professionals, including state workers and foster parents, to discuss the patients’ treatment plans and goals contributed to nearly a year of stable placement.

Her story is simple, and it’s the same for all of our patients: easy, objective, and bias-free outcomes demonstrate that the Healthy Minds approach to mental health treatment improves the quality of life for at-risk youth. When chosen correctly and collected carefully, these outcomes mirror the real world gains that matter most to our community and, most importantly, to the children we treat. To our knowledge, no other agency reports outcomes like us. If you know of any, let us know. We’d love to work with them to improve Nevada children’s mental health care!

If you have any questions about our outcomes or our process, please email us at quality@healthymindslv.com