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Want to Cover Healthy Minds?
Need to Schedule An Interview With a Top Mental Health Professional?

Healthy Minds is Southern Nevada’s premier mental health provider, and we’re constantly engaged in important initiatives to help make our community better. If you’re doing a news story on Healthy Minds or need to schedule an interview with one of our mental health experts, we’re here to help.

Please contact our central office for help:

Phone: 702-646-0188

Important news from Healthy Minds:
  • Release Date: 5/15/18 | Healthy Minds Announces New, Holistic Addiction Treatment Program | Read on our blog | Click link to download: PDF or Word | Contact: 702-622-2491
  • Release Date: 07/14/13 | Results Released From Therapeutic Foster Care Pilot Program | In collaboration with Clark County DFS, Healthy Minds announces the results from our Therapeutic Foster Care Pilot Program. | Click link to download: PDF or Word | Contact: email: phone: 702-646-0188
Company logo (Healthy Minds + Healthy Lives): jpg format | png format | eps format
Company logo (Healthy Minds): jpg format | png format | eps format
Photos: to request individual doctor photos, please call or email using the contact information above.