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SUD Counselor

1 Position Open

Job Description

We challenge the professional hierarchy by putting the trained, licensed professional with the most rapport and knowledge of substance use disorders, clients’ symptoms, family dynamics, and psychosocial needs in charge of the treatment team: the SUD Counselor.

Through rapport building, diagnostic interviewing, and individual & family case conceptualization, this person determines the pace, focus, and coordination of treatment. What should other professionals involved in the case be doing to supplement your clinical work? How should the treatment team prioritize presenting problems? What’s really going on in this case that people have been missing? How should the team change the course of treatment to overcome resistance or stagnation? You’re the captain, but you also have a team that brings various strengths and perspective, so make sure the team acknowledges and avails itself of them.

Substance abuse and mental health disorders, family systems, and multi-disciplinary treatment teams. Hopefully these sound up your alley because this is basically the rest of your job. Healthy Minds believes that, with rare exception, substance abuse and mental health treatment cannot be effective if we are not addressing the family system with a multi-disciplinary approach. These frameworks should inform your therapeutic technique, strategy, and conceptualization as you complete your diagnostic interview, develop and update treatment plans, and engage with your clients.

Preferred: Dual Licensed- Mental Health/Substance Abuse

Job Requirements

  • Masters degree in addictions studies, social work, psychology, marriage and family therapy, or professional counseling;
  • Certificate/License Alcohol and Drug Counselor;
  • Effective, efficient googling skills;
  • Leads by example, team player attitude, and shares our values – integrity, flexibility, empathy, excellence;
  • Thorough knowledge of the DSM and ASAM criteria;
  • Knowledge of the Stages of Change and Motivational Interviewing;
  • Awareness, sensitivity to, and respect for cultural variation and the power of personal values and biases;
  • Ability to remain calm and courteous in the face of rudeness and disrespect;
  • Ability to be aware of and understand clients’ reactions and your reactions to clients;
  • Ability to predict the future. Not really but you have to be able to identify warning signs for when something is likely to go wrong and then generate and implement solutions;
  • Ability to consider multiple perspectives and alternate explanations when problems arise;
  • Ability to identify pair problems with solutions along with alternative solutions when you don’t get your way;
  • You have to be able to prioritize and get things done.

Hiring Location:

BONANZA: 3551 E Bonanza Road, Ste. 101 Las Vegas, NV 89110

Position Type:

Full time.


  • Insurance: Medical (HMO and PPO), Dental, Vision insurance options
  • 401(K)
  • 10 paid holidays
  • PTO (Varies by tier & tenure)
Healthy Minds is an equal opportunity workplace.

Apply For This Job

You will need the following documents when applying:

  • A letter of application;
  • Your resume.

Two Easy Ways To Apply:

Submit these documents one of two ways:
Option 1: email them to hr@healthymindslv.com or
Option 2: submit via our online application system (teal button below).