Healthy Minds’ Mission

From the start, Healthy Minds’ mission has been to change the face of mental health care in Las Vegas and Southern Nevada. Today, we’re well on our way to seeing that mission realized.

We are now home to Las Vegas’s top mental health professionals. In fact, 5 out of Las Vegas’s 11 board-certified child-and-adolescent psychiatrists have chosen to work with Healthy Minds. Southern Nevada hospitals, courts, government agencies, auditors, schools, universities, non-profit agencies, training programs, and other mental health agencies have come to rely on Healthy Minds’ services.

Our “secret” to success isn’t a secret. In fact, it’s something we want to share. We take a caring, compassionate patient-centric approach. Our diverse team of mental health experts believe in using a blend of research, experience, compassion and sincerity to help people navigate interpersonal challenges or get past mental illness.

The results? Healthy Minds’s outcomes have been nationally published. Only 26% of children in our care are prescribed psychotropic medication, and we have drastically reduced hospitalization rates and the number of medications foster children were taking prior to entering our care.

Changing the face of mental health care in Las Vegas is an iterative, ongoing process that is bigger than any one expert or agency. As such, Healthy Minds is also committed to training the next generation of clinicians so they have the knowledge and resources needed to serve our community throughout their careers.

Three of our psychiatrists are on the faculty of the Department of Psychiatry at University of Nevada School of Medicine. In that role, they help bring our patient care philosophy to the resident trainees who work with us.

In addition, two of our team members, Dr. Durette (Las Vegas’s “Top Doc” for six years and counting) and Dr. Harding, have worked ardently to create a Child and Adolescent Fellowship training program to teach and train future child psychiatrists. Upon graduation, these professionals will be able to practice in our community. Our training program has also partnered with community agencies (Department of Family Services, Department of Juvenile Justice Services and University Medical Center) to allow for the most well-rounded, community-based training program to serve the unique needs of Southern Nevada.