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We’re Hiring! Mental Health Jobs & Internships in Las Vegas, NV.


Healthy Minds is home to Las Vegas’s and Southern Nevada’s top mental health professionals, and we’re hiring the following specialists:

  • psychiatrists
  • psychologists
  • therapists
  • administrative/clerical support professionals

To apply: Email your resume and other pertinent information to:

Current Job Openings

Psychotherapist: We are currently looking for a Psychotherapist to serve our child welfare population. Read the Job Description. To apply, email a letter of application and résumé to

Administrative Department Manager: The Administrative Department Manager supervises office administrators and is ultimately responsible for maintaining office efficiency and adherence to policy and procedure. We look to this person to solve unique problems on the spot by thinking flexibly, prioritizing needs, and working with teammates when necessary. We expect this person to know when a decision can be made independently versus when it is appropriate to redirect or to include other positions if the problem is clinically or medically related. Read the Job Description. To apply, email a letter of application and résumé to

Office Administrator: The Office Administrator is the face of our company, shaping our first impression by picking up the phone or greeting someone when they come to us for the first time. If you have ever used the words meticulous or thorough to refer to yourself, this is the right job for you. This person has to stay on top of multiple providers’ schedules and appointments that involve up to 10 people. Read the Job Description. To apply, email a letter of application and résumé to

Intake Coordinator: Intake Coordinator: The intake coordinator is the cornerstone of our referral process. You will guide clients through intake into care and will connect with our community partners to build supportive relationships. If talking to someone you’ve just met like you’ve known them for years doesn’t scare you, then apply today! Read the Job Description. To apply, email a letter of application and résumé to


We also offer post-graduate mental health internships to those interested in getting valuable hands-on experience in a fun, collaborative work environment. As a Healthy Minds intern, you’ll have the opportunity to directly help people in need while learning from some of the top mental health experts in your field. Standout interns also have the opportunity for full-time employment at Healthy Minds after graduation and certification.

Current Internship Opportunities

Doctoral Psychology Internship: Please download the program brochure for information about the Doctoral Psychology Internship. For further questions or information please don’t hesitate to contact David Brownstein, Psy.D., email or by phone at (702) 983-3235.

Why Work At Healthy Minds?

Our overall philosophy is that healthier providers lead to healthier clients. Mental health professionals of all disciplines are attracted to Healthy Minds because we create an environment in which they can focus on treatment, not bureaucracy and administration.

  • We value our professionals’ education, training and experience and want them to focus on what they do best. That’s why we provide administrative support to manage clerical tasks such as reception, scheduling, payment, paperwork, and most phone calls.
  • Our professionals spend their time putting their training into practice with 60-90 minute intake sessions, 45-60 minute therapy sessions, and 20-30 minute medication management sessions. HM therapists usually have between 25-30 patient hours per a 40 hour week, allowing for quality care.
  • We never double book or otherwise over-schedule our providers, and we always schedule in lunchtime.
  • You are not responsible for overhead costs (e.g. rent, malpractice, general liability, billing, clerical services, health insurance, no shows, etc.). Plus, Healthy Minds offers a generous vacation package!

As a multidisciplinary practice, providers and clients alike appreciate the ability to seamlessly access providers from various mental health specialties. This also makes Healthy Minds a preferred training location for post-graduate interns to learn how to collaborate with other professionals.