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We’re Hiring!

We are looking for diverse, talented, and passionate people to contribute to our mission of raising the level of mental health care in Las Vegas and southern Nevada.

Here you will find a supportive workplace, and tools to help you achieve professional and personal growth. We offer a variety of career opportunities and competitive compensation and benefits packages. Interested in joining our team? Check out our open career positions below.

Licensed Practical Nurse

1 Position, Covering 2 Locations:

Bonanza | Tonopah

Full Time, Salaried, Benefits Eligible.

Our Licensed Nurse/MA Manager needs to perform the duties of a Licensed Nurse in the field of Psychiatry including but not limited to: screen and triage patients; perform nursing assessments; and obtain, store and administer LAI (Long Acting Injectables). As the head of the MA department you are responsible for ensuring that these tasks are performed to our standard everyday at every visit.

The second aspect of this job is the MA Manager piece. You are responsible for supervising, training, developing, coaching, hiring, and evaluating all Medical Assistant staff. This is a big task since we’re constantly growing and evolving. It’s your responsibility to grow your department to meet the needs of the company while also ensuring that every day operations run smoothly.

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SUD Counselor

Hiring For 1 Location:


Full Time, Salaried, Benefits Eligible.

We challenge the professional hierarchy by putting the trained, licensed professional with the most rapport and knowledge of substance use disorders, clients’ symptoms, family dynamics, and psychosocial needs in charge of the treatment team: the SUD Counselor.

Through rapport building, diagnostic interviewing, and individual & family case conceptualization, this person determines the pace, focus, and coordination of treatment. What should other professionals involved in the case be doing to supplement your clinical work? How should the treatment team prioritize presenting problems? What’s really going on in this case that people have been missing? How should the team change the course of treatment to overcome resistance or stagnation? You’re the captain, but you also have a team that brings various strengths and perspective, so make sure the team acknowledges and avails itself of them.

Substance abuse and mental health disorders, family systems, and multi-disciplinary treatment teams. Hopefully these sound up your alley because this is basically the rest of your job. Healthy Minds believes that, with rare exception, substance abuse and mental health treatment cannot be effective if we are not addressing the family system with a multi-disciplinary approach. These frameworks should inform your therapeutic technique, strategy, and conceptualization as you complete your diagnostic interview, develop and update treatment plans, and engage with your clients.

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Intake Coordinator

Hiring Location:


Full Time, Hourly, Benefits Eligible.

The Intake Coordinator is the cornerstone of our referral process. You will guide clients through intake into care and will connect with our community partners to build supportive relationships. If talking to someone you’ve just met like you’ve known them for years doesn’t scare you, then apply today!

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IT Support Technician

Hiring Location:


Contracted (1099) with Experimental IT (our tech support provider).

You will be doing contract work for Experimental IT (EIT), LLC. EIT’s primary client is Healthy Minds, LLC, and this will be the client upon which your work will be exclusively focused. Since our contract requires us to be on-site, you will be working out of Healthy Minds’s Bonanza Road location in Las Vegas.

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Personnel Specialist

1 Position, Covering 3 Locations:

Bonanaza, Southwest, Tonopah

There are two large parts to this position: (1) working with all new hires, and (2) helping us further build a vibrant workplace culture.

You are the face of the company for new hires and some of our recruitment efforts. It’s your job to make sure the process of going from an interviewee to an employee is a smooth transition; and that once hired, new employees have the necessary departmental training to be successful. After orientation everyone should feel comfortable enough to start their job tasks.

The culture aspect of your job will be tapping into what the vibe of the company is and making sure all employees feel valued and appreciated. We encourage all supervisors to do this for their departments but it’s helpful to have one person focusing on the company as a whole. You’ll be given a culture budget that you’ll need to maintain and show what’s been done each month to improve the culture of the offices. Have fun with it and suggest improvements to the process along the way!

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We also offer post-graduate mental health internships to those interested in getting valuable hands-on experience in a fun, collaborative work environment. As a Healthy Minds intern, you’ll have the opportunity to directly help people in need while learning from some of the top mental health experts in your field. Standout interns also have the opportunity for full-time employment at Healthy Minds after graduation and certification.

Doctoral Psychology Internship

Full Time, Annual Stipend, Benefits Eligible.

Please download the program brochure for information about the Doctoral Psychology Internship. For further questions or information please don’t hesitate to contact David Brownstein, Psy.D., email or by phone at (702) 983-3235.